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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Feb 6, 2006 2:33am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: importing to itunes

will this help?

Poster: greengenes Date: January 18, 2006 01:56:18pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: downloading directly into iTunes

> >Can I download a Lossless download onto my hard drive and import it into my iTunes?
If you're thinking FLAC or SHN files, iTunes to-date won't read or play them. (There are other "players" that will.) You can import a variety of audio files into iTunes, but not those "lossless compression" files. The additional value of iTunes is as a library and music database. That requires the labor of naming and cataloging your files through iTunes. The effort is rewarded in the organization and ease of searching--e.g., figuring out how many versions of Dark Star you have.

>> do I have to convert the show into mp3 format after I download it?
You don't have to convert to mp3. Much depends on your harddrive space, what you want to do with the files and what audio quality you want to maintain--burn hi-fi CD's, move to iPod, etc.
Since you can pull high-quality "lossless" compression files from the Archive, you may want to convert to WAV or AIFF for importing into iTunes at the highest quality.
From iTunes you can convert files into another format--like mp3 or Apple's AAC, if you want to roll them onto an iPod where you have less disk space.

The folks here at the LMA have a great set of FAQ's with pointers to everything you want to know about file formats, conversion, playing and burning:
See also your iTunes preferences, particularly import options under the "advanced" button